Easy data processing!

Upload a list, pick operations you want to do and download results. Data processing has never been so easy!

  • Better than hiring a programmer to make scripts

    Scripts require a server and do not have the capability to resume work after crashes. Cheap scripts perform work in a sequential manner, which is rather slow. Moreover, scripts can become useless at any time due to blocked access or changes in the site.

    All data is already stored on our servers for easy access. Our software is guaranteed fast and reliable.

  • Better than hiring a data entry team

    There are times when you can not contact a team member to accomplish a certain task, and data entry might take a considerable time.

    Our servers work 24x7. No vacations, no work hours. Job starts immediately!.

How to use

Always available

Everything is automated and does not require any confirmation. Obtaining data is easy and convenient; there is no need waiting for someone to explain

what data you want to get.

Data on-demand

Transform as much data as you want - any time you need it. There is absolutely no monthly payment. Pay only for downloaded data.

Any format

Our service can transform CSV lists, JSON, Excel (97, 2000 and newer), OpenOffice files. Output format can be different from input.